Here you’ll find some answers for the most common questions or concerns people have about our company and what we do. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us with your specific question and we’ll do our best to answer you in a thorough, timely manner.

712Teachers (a 712Schools affiliate) is dedicated to finding the best, most qualified teaching staff of Native English speakers from around the world to teach our online classes at 712Schools. More specifically, this site works to recruit teachers who are interested in teaching for our online schools, or who would like to train our teachers in the best educational practices from around the world.

We hire native English speakers to conduct classes in English to students abroad (currently, China). These courses will adhere to 712Schools educational standards, and will be audited by an internal verifier at 712Schools. All courses will be taught online, and can be taught in any quiet, clean area that the teacher decides at their discretion. Anytime, any place, teach for 712Schools!

Class times and length will vary by course and by location of the teacher. Typically, classes will either be in the morning or evening due to varying time zones.

As a priority, all of our 712Teacher candidates must be a native speaker of English.

While we primarily look for teachers who have an education background as well as certifications, we will give opportunities to those who would be willing to go through our teacher training courses to become certified by 712Schools.

Education background: Ideal candidates will possess a Bachelor’s Degree, with relevant work experience and other certifications as necessitated by the subject (i.e. TESOL certified to teach ESL/TESOL classes).

Payment for courses will be from 712Schools. Wages will be based on qualifications and will be at fixed rates; Typically, each class is 45 minutes in length (payment per class, i.e. per 45 minutes). Teachers also have incentive pay as a bonus for course completion and satisfied student reports.

Please see details below:

  • Normal: $15-$25
  • Advanced: $25-$35
  • Benefit/bonus: let teachers meet students in China, if they are taking teacher training we will bring you to China.
  • Bonus pay: course completion, student satisfaction

*Note: Advanced level refers to course difficulty, such as AP/IB/Honors etc

For detailed information, please register here.

As these are all online classes, all 712Schools teachers will need to have a computer and access to the internet. Courses are conducted via live-session video chats, so a high-speed internet connection is preferred. Teachers will be given their own dashboard and login with which to conduct their classes.  Training will be provided for other software that may be required to run courses for 712Schools.

IT Requirements for Classes:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 10

General Software Knowledge:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Email
  • Skype

Current Openings:

For a more detailed version of all openings, please register here.

All applicants are required to create a unique login to our website; the application will only be available to teachers who complete this registration. For qualified candidates, a secondary interview process will be arranged, along with a “demo class,” in which the candidate will (either by live feed or video) give a sample of what their class would look like.

Candidates, please prepare:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • References
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Certifications
  • Demo class

Here at 712Schools we understand that some teachers may not be interested in teaching courses online. As an alternative, 712Schools is interested in hiring teacher trainers—those that would give training courses to teachers of 712Schools and beyond. For those who are interested, please indicate whether you would like to be an online teacher, teacher trainer, or both on the application upon login.

Any inquiries should be directed to