Who We Are

712Teachers (a 712Schools affiliate) is dedicated to finding the best, most qualified teaching staff of Native English speakers from around the world to teach our online classes at 712Schools. More specifically, this site works to recruit teachers who are interested in teaching for our online schools, or who would like to train our teachers in the best educational practices from around the world.

About 712Schools

712 Schools is committed to creating equal and affordable opportunities for quality educational experiences for all students. No matter their background, all students who wish to better themselves through their studies should have the ability to do so.

An exclusively online platform, 712Schools is looking towards the future of education, continually pushing to combine the latest technological advances with educational practice.

What We Do

We provide top-level courses to students in China via our online 712Schools platform; students can receive course credit for our programs with our certified classes and teachers, and may either enhance their current studies in China or participate in their choice of our degree path programs.

Our Advantages

  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • No need for an education degree—we provide teacher training for our 712Teachers
  • Competitive wages and bonus opportunities
  • Potential travel to China
  • Top-level teacher resources and support